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When The Wind Blows

Lotus started out as a lotus when I first encountered it in 2008, the wild lotus at YuanMingYuan(YMY-Garden of Perfect Brightness), once a playground for the most powerful emperors in China, later tarnished by French and English in 1860. Over the years, I have painted the lotus in various ways. The process has been a discovery of a vast space of purity. The wild lotus in 2008 grew without human care for an extensive period of time while YMY has been invaded and gutted by violence again and again. However, the wild lotus stood with ease and its true nature shone afar. It was sparse, alone, and uninterrupted.

After 2008, I visited YMY a few times, the garden was filled with gardeners and tourists. One has to rely on imagination to find the vast space of purity in numerous lotus which has been cultivated to their full bloom. 
The creative process of understanding and creating the wild lotus is the path to one’s buddha nature and is still in process.

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